Did Jesus Live 100 B.C.?


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An Inquiry Into The Talmud Jesus Stories, The Toldoth Jeschu, And Some Curious Statements Of Epiphanius Being A Contribution To The Study Of Christian Origins What was true about the story of Jesus? This a strong question that the author, Mead, considered one of the greatest thinkers of the origins of christianity, tries to answer, exploring the bounda- ries between facts and myths and how they affected the modern judeo and christian traditions, practices and beliefs.

Informazioni aggiuntive
Informazioni aggiuntive
Titolo Did Jesus Live 100 B.C.?
Sottotitolo //
Autore George Robert Stowe Mead
ISBN 9788869375217
Editore Edizioni Cerchio della Luna
Pagine/durata 470
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