The world of Panchatantra

Between linguistics and philosophy

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In this essay, I will mainly consider, within a foreign language course, two items: 1) the role of culture and 2) the reading skill as a means to go through the cultural data related to the language studied, so to improve social interaction. Speech interaction is possible only through social interaction, which develops naturally during the child’s cognitive growth. In a foreign language schedule, this development has to be planned carefully in order to stimulate the students’ curiosity about the socio-political organization related to the foreign country. There are various levels to follow when we want to develop our students’ social and linguistic growth. Thus, here, I will discuss the different methodology employed with adult students of English and adult students of Farsi or Urdu or Arabic at elementary level. Because the focus is principally on a class of students of Urdu, I will concentrate on The Pañchatantra, viewed as the first literary text of fables belonging to the Indian literature, written in Sanskrit.

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Informazioni aggiuntive
Titolo The world of Panchatantra
Sottotitolo Between linguistics and philosophy
Autore Maria Rosaria D’Acierno
ISBN 9788897278641
Editore Irfan Edizioni
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